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Desert Orthopedic Specialists

Jonathan Fox, M.D. and his team view Orthopedic pain and injuries as opportunities to transform a patient’s perspective from being sick to being well! We are here to help patients realize the potential the human body has to heal itself if given the proper nurturing, nutrition and modern orthopedic care. That’s why in addition to providing the most effective total joint and minimally invasive orthopedic surgical solutions, our practice also offers a comprehensive array of non-surgical and naturopathic evaluation and treatments.
Naturopathic Services
Avoiding surgery is often a high priority for many orthopedic patients. Conversely, some patients who do need surgery simply aren’t healthy enough to undergo the sometimes complex and lengthy procedures required for effective treatment. Desert Orthopedic Specialists’ naturopathic and restorative treatment options are designed to deliver health-enhancing and life-improving results that prepare patients for their surgery and potentially prevent them from needing surgery at all. Having a naturopath on the team at Desert Orthopedic Specialists helps us and our patients think outside of the box when it comes to their health and healing.
Conditions We Treat
  • Hip Pain
    Hip Pain Treatment Solutions
    Hip pain can have a number of potential sources and several treatment options ranging from lifestyle changes and natural solutions to physical therapy and surgery. The exact treatment option that’s right for your hip pain will be dependent on the root cause, severity and your overall health.
  • Knee Pain Treatment Solutions
    Many people in Scottsdale and the surrounding metro Phoenix areas suffer from knee pain for a range of reasons. Some people have sports injuries, others can trace their knee pain to decades of wear and tear or inflammatory disease. Whatever the cause of your knee pain or limited mobility, Desert Orthopedic Specialists can help.
  • Shoulder Pain
    Shoulder Pain Treatment Solutions
    Suffering from persistent shoulder pain or limited shoulder mobility can make every aspect of your life more difficult. People use their shoulders to do most things, whether that’s getting something off a high shelf, picking something up or performing virtually any other action that requires your arms to accomplish.
  • Sports Medicine & Injury
    Sports Medicine & Injury Treatments
    Orthopedic surgeons and specialists don’t just treat sports injuries that occur during competitive play or practices on a field. There are many “weekend warrior” sports injuries that effect active people while they run, hike, ski or participate in any other rigorous activities that have the potential to result in falls, abrasions or involve repetitive motions.
Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Fox is a Board-Certified surgeon Fellowship Trained in Trauma with over 34 years of experience. His philosophy has always been to recommend the least invasive type of surgery to fix the problem. He performs all types of orthopedic surgeries from basic arthroscopies for cartilage or ligament repair to complex total joint revisions. Most of the time he is operating on the Hip, Knee, or shoulder joints, however his training in Trauma allows him to reconstruct or repair almost any of the bones and joints when needed. He has extensive training and experience in fracture treatments and sports medicine injuries as well.
  • "Dr. Fox and Jason are both absolutely amazing and helped me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process and completion of surgery."
  • "Very professional staff and minimal waiting time. Five stars service!"
  • "Dr Fox has helped me through 2 knee and 2 hip replacements. He is the BEST!! Thank you Dr. Fox. If there was an option for 10 stars I would give him 10."
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