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Hip Pain Treatment Solutions in Chandler, AZ

Your work, hobbies, athletic pursuits and overall happiness can be negatively impacted by chronic or intermittent hip pain, even if that pain isn’t always acute in nature. Hip pain can have a number of potential sources and several treatment options ranging from lifestyle changes and natural solutions to physical therapy and surgery. The exact treatment option that’s right for your hip pain will be dependent on the root cause, severity and your overall health.


Naturopathic Hip Pain Treatments
Naturopathic Hip Pain Treatments

Natural solutions for hip pain may potentially include treatments like acupuncture and cupping therapy. Both acupuncture and cupping therapy provide some patients with significant hip pain relief and are significantly more affordable and less invasive than other treatment modalities such as hip surgery.


Non-Surgical Hip Solutions
Non-Surgical Hip Solutions

In addition to the naturopathic hip pain treatment methods offered by Desert Orthopedic Specialists, other non-surgical hip pain treatments may also be a good, non-invasive treatment option for some patients. These hip pain treatments could potentially include platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, corticosteroid injections or prolotherapy.


Surgical Hip Solutions
Surgical Hip Solutions

For some patients, naturopathic solutions and non-surgical hip pain treatments may not be enough, especially if damage, such as lost cartilage due to osteoarthritis, is irreversible. Many of our patients have been on their feet for 50, 60 or 70 years, which has the potential to result in a lot of joint wear and tear.

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"I have been a patient of Desert Orthopedic Specialists for a number of years, including my wife, Sherry, in which they have completed hip and shoulder replacements on her. She is doing great today! I have also greatly benefited from the expertise and knowledge through DOS with my knees and joint issues. Recently I brought my 90-year old Mom into their office, she too has benefited from the great care extended from everyone in this office. We could never say enough about the incredible care and professionalism DOS has extended to our family. We shall continue our long-standing relationship with Desert Orthopedic Specialists. Thank you!"

David Bower
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