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Non-Surgical Treatments for Hip Pain and Joint Conditions

At Desert Orthopedic Specialists, we’re committed to helping our patients find non-surgical treatment solutions for hip pain and limited mobility before resorting to more invasive hip surgeries.

Steroid Injections

As with the prolotherapy and PRP injections, hip steroid injections are generally administered to treat pain and joint inflammation. Steroid injections consist of a cortisone steroid and an anesthetic. The steroid helps reduce inflammation for approximately a month to a month and a half, and the anesthetic provides more immediate, short-term pain relief.

Steroid injections can also be an important diagnostic tool. If the corticosteroid injection doesn’t provide pain relief, your orthopedist can eliminate the targeted treatment area as the root culprit of your pain.

Hip Physical Therapy

One of the most important features of any hip treatment regimen should be physical therapy, whether it’s being prescribed to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and range of motion after surgery or as the primary treatment method for a condition or injury. Our team at Desert Orthopedic Specialists work with skilled physical therapists to develop effective plans for our patients’ recovery.

Canes, Walkers and Other Mobility Aids

Some patients are best served by the aid of canes, walkers or other mobility aids to help prevent falls and improve patient stability and mobility.

However, it’s not always the best idea to go out and buy just any cane or walker. Purchasing the proper mobility aid that is correctly fitted is important. For example, would you benefit most from a quad cane or a single point cane; a standard walker or a two-wheel walker? At Desert Orthopedic Specialists, we excel at helping our patients find the right mobility aid for their needs and educating them on proper use and best practices to prevent falls.

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