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Shoulder Pain Treatments in Chandler, AZ

At Desert Orthopedic Specialists, we understand how disruptive shoulder problems can be and are committed to eliminating our patients’ pain and helping them regain maximum shoulder dexterity. We also understand that most of our patients want to avoid undergoing invasive surgical procedures if possible, which is why we offer a comprehensive array of natural and non-surgical treatment options in addition to orthopedic shoulder surgery.


Natural Pain Management
Natural Pain Management

It’s not uncommon for pain symptoms, including shoulder pain, to be related to or exacerbated by unhealthy habits or seemingly unrelated health issues. In addition to providing shoulder acupuncture and cupping therapies, the naturopathic team at Desert Orthopedic Specialists help patients adopt healthier diets and lifestyles that can help eliminate or lessen joint pains.


Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Treatments
Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Treatments

There are several non-surgical medical treatments available for shoulder pain, including platelet rich plasma injections, prolotherapy, physical therapy and corticosteroid injections. These treatments are administered by the orthopedic team at Desert Orthopedic Specialists in the comfort of our office. If you or a loved one want to find relief from shoulder pain or are looking for a way to kickstart your shoulder recovery, there are several non-surgical options available.


Orthopedic Shoulder Surgery
Orthopedic Shoulder Surgery

Jonathan Fox, M.D. and his team of orthopedic specialists at Desert Orthopedic Specialists perform a number of highly effective orthopedic shoulder surgeries, including acromioclavicular (AC) and rotator cuff repair, total shoulder replacement and revision and reverse shoulder replacement and revision procedures. If you or a loved one would be best served by a shoulder surgery, Dr. Fox and his team would be happy to assist.

Patient Testimonials

"Great office and staff. no wait time. the staff is very knowledgeable and put me at ease. John (PA) is great at what he does. He knew exactly what was wrong and explained to me what I should do to make my arm and shoulder feel better. I would recommend him to everyone that is having arm and shoulder pain."

Linda C.
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We are dedicated to helping patients realize the potential the human body has to heal itself if given the proper nurturing, nutrition and modern orthopedic care.