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Natural Treatments for Shoulder Pain and Conditions in Chandler, AZ

You may be able to find relief from shoulder pain or reduced shoulder dexterity through non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical means. At Desert Orthopedic Specialists, our naturopathic medicine experts provide shoulder acupuncture and shoulder cupping therapy treatments that are specifically tailored to deliver relief from chronic shoulder pain and other shoulder-impairing symptoms.

Shoulder Pain Relief Through Acupuncture

There are a variety of acupuncture points that have the potential to relieve shoulder pain and improve shoulder range of motion. Acupuncture is particularly renowned for its efficacy in treating certain shoulder conditions, such as frozen shoulder, where it maintains a high rate of success and positive patient outcomes. If you are looking for a shoulder treatment option to reduce pain and improve shoulder flexibility, acupuncture may be a viable alternative to surgery or medications.

Shoulder Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been shown to improve circulation, help reduce inflammation, loosen muscles and reduce chronic pain for some patients. Cupping therapy was in the news during the 2016 summer Olympics due to the circular markings visible on Michael Phelps’ shoulders when he was competing. Anyone familiar with cupping therapy recognized the marks right away – Phelps had undergone shoulder cupping therapy for pain relief and to jumpstart his body’s healing process.

Cupping therapy isn’t just for athletes and can be used to treat shoulder pain that’s unrelated to strenuous workouts. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, stiffness or limited shoulder mobility, talk to the team at Desert Orthopedic Specialists to find out if shoulder cupping therapy may be a viable alternative for you.

Getting Healthy Enough for Shoulder Surgery
Getting Healthy Enough for Shoulder Surgery

Surgeries put the body under a lot of stress, which is why they can be risky for patients. To undergo an invasive surgery like shoulder replacement or reverse shoulder replacement surgery, it’s important for the patient to be resilient enough to handle the strain surgery will put on their body.

Unfortunately, many of the patients who visit our practice have health problems, like obesity, that make performing shoulder surgery too dangerous to attempt. Many of our naturopathic services are designed to help our patients overcome their wellness challenges so they can receive the shoulder surgeries they need. Our nutritional and diet plans combined with exercise and physical therapy regimens can help patients lose weight and overcome their total-body health problems.

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