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Desert Orthopedic Specialists is a practice designed to help you achieve optimal Orthopedic wellness. Our office offers comprehensive evaluation and management of many Orthopedic related diseases and injuries. However what sets apart from other Orthopedic practices is our philosophy that Orthopedic health starts with optimizing a patient's overall health and wellness. Here at Desert Ortho we are not a repair shop for your bones and joints. Our practitioners here believe in treating the patient and providing treatment solutions that will not only help your orthopedic condition(s) but also help provide you a pathway to living a more active and healthy lifestyle. Click on the About Us section above to learn more about our providers and what they can offer you.


Hip Hip Resurfacing
Total Hip Replacement
Revision Hip Replacement
Knee PCL and Multiple Ligament Reconstruction
Cartilage and Mensicus Transplant
Knee Arthroscopy
Total Knee Replacement
ACL Reconstruction
Elbow Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery
Ligament Reconstruction
Total Elbow Replacement
Shoulder Arthroscopic Instability Surgery
Total Shoulder Replacement
Reverse Shoulder Replacement
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Rotator Cuff Tear
Shoulder Impingement
Ankle Ankle Arthroscopy
Ankle Joint Replacement
Ankle Fracture
Multimedia Patient Education Multimedia Patient Education
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